POP UP Team Canteen

We are brilliant at POP UP's in your office.

Small or large spaces for a few or for many, we are specialists in bringing the served menu expereince to your office.

Our team bring everyting that you need, set up a weekly or a monthly plan, our service rocks in just before your team needs to eat, and we disappear when the meal is over....

Why waste very expensive square metereage in your office for a team canteen, when we can bring fresh vibes and boundless energy when you feel like it.

Every pop up dining day is a good day as its unexpected and different, seasonal and on trend.

Prestige Catering

We are Prestige Catering Limited, providing catering and hospitality solutions in Cork County. We are happy to provide you with a wide range of corporate and event catering, along with consultancy and strategic solutions in the hospitality sector as a whole.

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