The Food Foundry

The Food Foundry is your external food product research and development team.

We offer a broad range of development activities, either in a module form or as a single project from whiteboard to consumer.

Our development block technique is the ideal method for you to explore the possibilities of your idea,

Development blocks

1) Creation

Product ideas, competitor analysis, review of food cost in line with margin and sales needs.

This is completed with your current equipment in place. We look at what you do and we make it better and assist in finding patterns and methods that allow you to maximise your investment by generating more revenue.

2)Team training

Do you need to upskill your current team into new techniques, methods of production, lean approaches to their work envoirnment.

3) Development concepts

Whether an idea is good or not is decided by the consumer, we work with your product and bring this to the consumer for feedback, the data is analysed and returned in easy to approach steps which will allow you to change in line with your consumer expectation.

We research new ingredients, materials, packaging and consumer empathy.

Combine this with our culinary skills and formulation expereince and we offer you a suite of options to choose from that will fulfill your brief in line with your revenue expecations and budget limits


Prestige Catering

We are Prestige Catering Limited, providing catering and hospitality solutions in Cork County. We are happy to provide you with a wide range of corporate and event catering, along with consultancy and strategic solutions in the hospitality sector as a whole.

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