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James Grimes leads a self-described “revolution against the commonplace and expected” in his role as a hospitality entrepreneur and operator; he pursues this same zeal with his ever growing portfolio of completed projects . Directing the operations, management and expansion of Prestige Advisory, James passion and experience stretches from small food operations over into retail and wholesale food product development   

Prestige Advisory is a specialist service which excels in the conceptual design of small and large restaurant kitchens, retail foodservice areas and high specification food production plants.  Our team is a multi-disciplined panel of experts which cover all facets of food preparation, development and food production across buying, process and packaging.

What we do


Following an initial meeting followed by a instore food production audit , Prestige Advisory will provide either a verbal or written report on the inhouse food production process, highlight areas of improvement to develop more revenue and reduce waste.

A local competitor analysis will be completed on our own benchmarking platform which gives you the client an in-depth view of your product look, texture, size, value, flavour and price against your closest competition.

If requested, we will develop a change management plan , assist in team development, devise a range extension plan in line with seasonal adjustments and create a new and more specific cost control monitoring system to enable you to progress without egress.



  • Menu implementation & food & beverage product development
  • Delivery & catering menu development
  • Menu pricing & food & beverage sourcing and costing &vendor selection
  • Kitchen design & layout & kitchen equipment selection


  •  Operations, marketing and brand strategy
  •  Catering start up and roll, growth and development


  • Labour & food cost analysis
  • Rebranding of existing concept
  • Vendor analysis
  • Staff retraining & recruiting and upsell strategy in line with menu engineering techniques
  • Product mix - menu analysis
  • Termination services
  • Executive chef & mixologist consults
  • Industry trends
  • Market analysis

Menu Engineering

Upsell and front of house coaching throughout the menu.on-siteplating and presentation. This is followed through with  This approach involves a 360 degree view of your menu concept from initialisation to finished approach. From this perspective of menu development, our role is to bring trends to you, coupled with a competitor and location analysis, a costed out menu and a proposition for

Menu engineering is the consistent development of the menu and how it is segregated into positive and negative sales. This data led approach allows menu matrix to create the stars amongst the listings, identify the dogs and allow you to find the ideal mix of best sellers that hold the best margin.



Prestige Catering

We are Prestige Catering Limited, providing catering and hospitality solutions in Cork County. We are happy to provide you with a wide range of corporate and event catering, along with consultancy and strategic solutions in the hospitality sector as a whole.

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